Blog posts aren't picked up in feed for the last month?


I posted a new blog post at 0530 this morning EST and my new post does not show in feeds ? my blog is blue starr gallery

only previous post shows, which has decreased my comments significantly I asked about this in blogger forum and they don’t seem to be able to figure it out or give me any advice, at the time of the change I hadn’t changed anything on my blog set up

how can I correct this I am loosing readership and participation


@bluestarrgallery, just visit the following page and enter your URL and ping it. (it will work only if your feed is on Feedburner):

Ping- FeedBurner

And your feed will get updated immediately. :smile:


how do I get on feedburner, it is now taking almost 8 hours before my post is showing up in blog rolls, thanks