Blog Post Ranking Factor- Social Sharing and On Page SEO


If you write a quality content maintaining On Page SEO perfectly. Then share on different social networking sites. Can you tell If on page SEO and social sharing are enough to rank your blog post or not. If it is not possible then what things you do just after publishing a blog post.


Well, I think it is possible to rank a blog post using just Social Sharing and On Page SEO. BUT, only if the keyword that has low competition.

No off page optimisations mean there are no backlinks. Yes, internal linking helps (which is an on page factor) but gaining that much authority that could beat the competitor and to grab his place, you need backlinks from high authority sites.

So yes, it is possible, when the keyword has low competition but not possible when the keyword has high competition.


Thanks for your suggestion. High authority backlink is the must to get better rank with competitive keywords.


Yup. It’s a clear signal to bots, that your site is not new, trusted by other blog’s author. :slight_smile: