Blog pages are jumping horizontally


Hi all

I’m very new to blogging. This is my first and only blog and my initial reason for starting this was to have a digital hub where I could store my few published articles together in one place online and draft others for possible publication.

The blogging bug has bit however and am beginning to get interested in building the site. It is an alternative news site and I have no delusions that this blog will ever be very popular as there are a high number of blogs of this nature online. Mine just has a more of an Australian focus. I haven’t yet began to promote the blog yet as I prefer to build it up a little first and that is a little time consuming as I work full-time and have other commitments.

Anyway I do have a problem that I cannot find answers for or otherwise work out. If you click on the topic tabs at the top menu, the pages jump from side-to-side. Link to blog below.

From what I have researched, the issue may have to do with settings of the scroll bars.

Now this problem only occurs for me on my Ipad (Safari) and on my work computer, which has a much wider monitor / screen and has IE browser but forgot what version. The thing is, it is fine here at home on both Firefox and IE11.

Does anyone know how I could fix this?

Thanks for any assistance.



I didn’t understand what do you mean by “pages jump from side to side”? Please describe it.


Internet Explorer has serious compatibility issues. What may work on webkit browsers and Firefox , may not necessarily work in IE8 or less. IE11 is a far improved version and it supports latest CSS3 and HTML5

I have visited your site and I found it working just fine. I also checked your menu tabs and they seem to work fine.

In order to better clarify your query you can share with us the screenshot of what you see.


@Mohammad is saying correct i also visited your site and it was working very fine he is right because problem comes due to using of unsupported browsers like IE.

Once Again Try With anotherr browser like chrome,opera,mozilla etc. It should work fine…


Te problem may not be occuring on your browser / computer. I guess what I am trying to say is when you click on some of the tabs at the top menu, the page will open up and jump either to the left or right of the screen. These are very signficant leaps too. It only happens horizontally not vertically. Thanks.


Thanks Mohammad

Yeah if noone else can see what the problem is I will try and put up a couple of screen shots when I get some time. Thanks!


since you are access the site via iPAD or any mobile device you may use, then be sure that since your site is not mobile responsive, you will see the horizontal scroll-bar apearing.

Yes the screenshots play wonders!


Hi all

Hoping I can illustrate what is happening here. Screenshots below. Sorry I am not conversant with jargon or technical language when describing my problem.

I refer to the problem I outlined in my original post and to the blog at the following link:

These images are taken from my work comp monitor. Note that I do not have this problem on my home computer, and that includes both Firefox and IE.

Also to note that I have the same IE version at home as I do at work, so this cannot just be an IE issue otherwise I would have the same problem with IE at home.

Firstly compare image 1(a) with 2(a). When I click on either of the tabs Home | World Government | NWO | Economics the blog shifts to the left of the screen.

When I click on either of the tabs About | Contact | Technology | Cashless | Australia the blog shifts to the centre of the screen.

1(b) and 2(b) show the behaviour of the blog when I reduce the size of the browser. Note how 2(b) remains centred in the middle of the screen just like 2(a) – regardless of the browser being fully expanded or reduced? This is what all the pages should be like!

Interestingly 1(b) (which are the same tab pages as 1(a) only with the browser window size reduced) retains the left side margin and fails to centre in the browser like 2(b). 1(b) is also the only one where a horizontal scroll bar appears. Even when adjusting the horizontal scroll bar, 1(b) still fails to centre in the screen like 2(b).

Would anyone know how to fix this problem? Suggestion of any html code(s) I can experiment with to see if it fixes this? As I said, all my pages should be like 2(a) and 2(b) which sets the blog in the centre of the browser.

Thanks for any assistance. :slight_smile:


To make these design changes follow these steps

  1. Go To Blogger > Template > Backup your template

  2. Click “Edit HTML”

  3. Search for this code

  4. Replace it with this

  5. Next find this Class

    .content { position: relative; word-wrap: break-word; }

  6. Replace it with this

    .content { position: relative; word-wrap: break-word; overflow: hidden; }

  7. Visit your blog now and let me know if things are fixed :innocent:


Back on the work comp and can gladly report the fix worked a charm! Checked and double checked. :grinning:

Thanks Mohammed!