Blocked Resources On Search Console


I Have Seen Some Blocked Resources in Search Console. Does it Hampers Indexing On Google. What Does it Mean I am Not Getting that Too. And Why is Codingcrazy being Blocked or What ?

Image 1

Image 2

Give Me any Idea On This Topics Please

The Cookie JS is On My Template On


the link you mention it is blocked via robots.txt i.e. Googlebot can’t crawl that link properly and hence you got this result on GWT.

  1. owner block the demo directory via robots.txt -

  2. Same facebook CDN( is also blocked for search spider.

Solution: Add Nofollow tag to all external links, that is blocked via robots.txt. It’s simply waste your pagerank.


How Can I add NoFollow Tags On Below Codes Then

<script type="text/javascript" src=""/>


@ishworgiri, when you have asked this question:-

Then let me tell you one thing:-

You can add dofollow with open heart on trusted links. Like you should add dofollow (means don’t add any rel=’’ it will be dofollow) to links of Google, Blogger, WikiPedia or any high PR page, website to blog. If you will add dofollow to these website’s or blog’s url, this will increase your credibility in Google. So, this is beneficial for your blog.

@ishworgiri, no need to add nofollow tags on link hrefs or on script src(s). Just add rel=‘nofollow’ on low quality sites only when you are going to hyperlink a text or image in your blog post. And remember my above advice for getting idea of where to add nofollow and where not.


@Shivansh Bro, I understand what you want to say, but owner of that site blocked that URL via robots.txt, So Google can’t go for crawling. Also if any of links is blocked via robots.txt, it will just lost your pagerank.

@ishworgiri bro, you can’t add rel=“nofollow” in javascript, the rel=“nofollow” is only for a href, not for src attributes. I suggest to you host that javascript code into some cloud storage like Google drive, dropbox or Github pages, as you like

While you can use rel=“nofollow” in your all other links. Don’t worry by adding nofollow on any links, will not hurt your site. Even All the social media using nofollow tags, in all links.


It Seems To Be Helpful @Arjunsinh_Chauhan .Thank you So Much. I Will Try As You Say


We are talking How to Remove Blocked Resources. So , @Arjunsinh_Chauhan Said me to Do Some things like Add ing Rel tags and I asked how to add Rel tags on JS Links . You are Going to another topics like Giving Rel tags to Popular tags to Increase Ranking.

Anyway Thanks For Your Kind Words