Beat up by scrapper, i think nice method btw but not sure


So i experience something interesting…let say i have blogspot blog with url then the scrapper with,they aim for the rss feed and auto post whole blog to this and set forget ( the regular auto blog content stealler mechanism)

Scrapper then setup top level domain and pump authority link to the domain,basically aiming for their brand name

After having enough authority and having brand name,scrapper use the domain to custom domain the blogspot blog ( ) and do redirect… somewhere along this time line is when i lost my traffic im guessing

All i see is something like that (mention above) but im still not sure

my blog have decent traffic let say 15k visitor dailly (aprox) ,nice alexa rank but in early august, slowly but sure traffic getting decreased only 5k dailly and after 3 sept ( recent “update” ) things getting worse

just two days ago i decided to custom domain my blog and did check up on serp (making sure everything setup correctly) and i saw my domain listed under scrapper domain so there are two listing with same meta,content etc under serp… and thats how i found all this ,funy thing is if i access crapper blogspot ( it create redirect loop>>scrapper TLD>> My new TLD( after i implementing new custom domain) this make me raising eyebrow

i have guts that the scrapper hasnt finished his method yet so what do you think guys?