Basic Rules For Writing Sponsored Posts or Paid Reviews in Blogger


By Google searching I read some article that some bloggers earn through guest posting on their own blogs by others. I read that, this is totally for backlinks. Some bloggers, who won’t to increase their domains Page Authority, Domain Authority by Backlinks of High PR sites.

My friend have a domain of PR 4 and he doesn’t use it. So I decided to use the domain for earning process. So friends I want suggestions, how I create the domain as like other paid guest posting sites for do-follow backlinks.

-What are the basic requirements? -What are the basic rules? -How much I can earn?


There is no harm in publishing paid reviews as long as the review relates to your niche. If you have a website with a decent Pagerank i.e. PR4, you can contact a review network too and get paid for writing reviews on your website. Some of these networks include PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and BlogVertise etc.

Remember these points while accepting the review

  1. The sole purpose of Paid reviews is to get a rich PR link from you. Sponsors don’t care about your traffic
  2. Accept only a maximum of two dofollow links pointing to the same domain when reviewing. Sponsors often insert too many links on a single review, this makes your review suspected and can give a signal to Google that you are selling links
  3. Never review Casino or Gambling sites, no matter how commercial the site be.
  4. The Review content must be related to your niche. If you write on web developments then you can review apps or web sevices or web tools that are used for web development purposes but you can not review a Game or Real Estate site
  5. Charge $150-$200 for a PR4 site with a review of 1000 words and 2 Dofollow links

Hope these tips will help you better review content on your new blog :innocent:


Thanks @Mohammad bro. I have been waiting for your answer. Now everything is clear.

Just one doubt bro, how much posts should I write before publish for paid review?


There is no such condition for posting. You can write sincere reviews and these review posts will also count as content for your blog which can attract both traffic and revenue


It is good to post a high authority site link in a post (like wikipedia). In the paid post, does I give dofollow or nofollow for the authority link?


yes for sites such as wikipedia you don’t need to nofollow their links always link them with open heart. Same goes for news corporations


Thanks a lot bro to clear all my doubts.