Barrel Framework for Blogger Plugins [Beta]


Few months back I posted a link on this forum about a framework that I build for blogger developers and users.Using this framework you could actually build some beautiful widgets and plugins for blogger that can be actually customized.

It was in my local computer for about four months under development and I started working on this idea about 8 months ago. Finally I have made it public and currently now its in beta mode.

You can access it here

So whats special about this framework and why should developers build using the framework?

The first and the core reason is Customization Now a basic user can use the plugin without any coding knowledge. All he needs it to fill some forms. He could even customize right from his blog too (I’m not kidding)

Right now some users follow the steps and install the widget from your blog. The chances of a new user returning back would be less as he might forget the website he actually got from. Well here after installing Barrel plugin, the developer details are always shown on the gadget settings, Once the user is logged in.

PS: Barrel plugins doesn’t effect the loading size for a common user. The plugins files will be loaded only once the admin is logged in

You could check an introduction video on Barrel Framework that I uploaded on youtube

PS: Sorry for my bad English and noise disturbances

I will uploading more videos and tutorials on making plugins with Barrel if everything goes fine. Let blogger rule again :slight_smile::v:

Would love hearing some genuine feedback on the framework from this awesome community. I hope at least this time my handwork doesn’t go in vain. Thanks for reading. God bless

@Mohammad sir, If you could please review it. I would be the happiest person ever.


Its been a day and no response yet! :-1: :frowning2: Great!!!


Hi, @jinson. :slight_smile:

Your idea Is really good. I liked the customization option very much. But the tool needs some improvements.

  • I think the widget maker is not working! So, first of all, check it.
  • Add more video tutorials, including the widget making process.
  • Add tour widget so that new users may get help.
  • Make a directory for widgets, where users can see all widgets made using your framework.

So these are some few suggestions for your framework. But it is really a great tool for bloggers like me to create plugins for our visitors. If you need help, then ping me back.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Nitishk for your kind words. I’m planning to make more tutorials on the same. Sure I keep in touch with you :slight_smile: Once again thanks :+1:


Hey guys as said, I have uploaded another video on how you could convert blogger gadgets to barrel Gadgets. Take a look

PS: The height and width of the plugin must be mentioned in pixels rather than percentage else it might effect the plugin preview


How to be able to use bro??? :sweat_smile:


We are developing widgets using this framework and will be updating on our website shortly