Backlinks from a Domain Name Having Spammy Backlinks Profile, Is it Good?


I have a question related to SEO. Is it good to get backlinks from a domain having spammy backlink profile? Keep in mind some other things as well;

  1. The site from where we’re planning to get backlink has good content
  2. Can we still use 500 words article (Guest posts) to get backlink, Is it good practice? Thanks


Never guest post on sites with a spammy backlink profile. Always check their Domain Authority and Trust Score using Moz tool or SEMrush. Choose sites with a DA of at least 30+


If building backlinks for SEO purpose, always keep in mind that quality is a lot better than quantity. A link from a high quality domain will pass a lot more SEO juice (hypothetical) than by 100s of links from spammy sites rather they will affect and make your page rank down.


Thank you for your email bro :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy, Sure, I will try to build good links :slight_smile: