Back-link to Sub-Domain Will Count As a Back-link or Not?


Back-links from other site point to our sub-domain will count as a Back-link or not ?
Some of my friends told me that … Back-links from other site which point to Sub-Domain of blog will not count us Back-links … Is it true ?

Back-Link to Primary Domain ? or Sub-Domain is Valuable ?

Tell me anyone who has lot of practice in Back-Link generation …


may be it should be count but what is true i dont know who told you sub domain of blog will not count ? is he master in blogging :smiley: so he is right and if he is not expert in blogging :stuck_out_tongue: so he is not right


I think backlinks to sub-domain will also be considered as of a whole. For example, Alexa counts backlinks for and as same. It considers actually for the naked domain of a whole.

Just an experience with Alexa…not sure!


Any link which points to your domain is counted as a backlink irrespective of whether it points to your naked domain or a subdomain or sub-directory. All these inbound links add up to your backlinks and improves your SERPs ranking.

Your subdomain is just a sub-section of your website. All these folders come under the umbrella of your main domain which you own.

It was during 2011 when Google web Spam Team announced that links to subdomains are counted towards the entire domain. This change was to prevent black hat SEOs from using their own sites hosted on subdomain as a link farm to the main domain

Hope this clears your confusion now! :innocent:


@Mohammad Then why Search Engine Ranks of Blogspot Blogs was low . Why they did’t get enough traffic .


Hi, I think you have some wrong myth about the blogger.

Suppose you have blog and I have blog, So if I point to you, then that is count as external link or backlink . Because blogger separately consider all the blogs. but when you have sites on subdomain like www and, and when you point out to one another, then it is count as internal links not backlinks.

For more info - http://


Muhsin I guess Arjun explained it well.

Could you explain this pharse more ? What do you mean by the traffic was low, for which site all blogspot blogs or yours?


@Mohammad Actually i am sorry about that , It’s a mistake post .