Author & Update itemprop Missing...What To Do?


Hello guys, actually i use Blogger

im facing about the structure data, I’ve been trying all tutorials about that, but uncessefull. I made all changes as “Fix Structured Data hatom Errors in Blogger” by mohammed.

i attached some pictures about the problem and i hope that can help solve it.

I also marked with red color the point where i have changed.


please someone help-me ? :joy: im staying mad about this problem


@vtdornelas to solve this problem you have to follow this tutorial -


I am extremely sorry to be asking this, this might look very silly and believe me, my intention is not to spam this thread but I could not find a way to ask my question. I have a problem with my blogger blog template (grid view) but how dod I submit my question here? Kindly someone help me.


You have to be wait. After you earned basic level trust reputation by admin then you can post.


Oh, so until I earn the particular reputation, won’t I be able to post a question regarding my problem? :’( That’s sad. Okay, then I shall wait. I just hope I get that level pretty soon. By the way, Thank you for replying, tunerrazu :slight_smile: very much appreciated :slight_smile:


@om-shivam check post about trust level - What are User Trust Levels?