At what stage one should apply for Google AdSense?


Every time when we all apply for adsense, there is a sigh in our hearts that whether our site will be aproved or not. Thats why I would like to ask the web developers/masters and also bloggers/learners like me that at what stage we should apply for adsense? From “stage” I mean :-

  • After publishing how many posts.
  • Having minimum ________ words in each post.
  • Having minimum ________ readers/followers.
  • Having atleast ________ daily page views.

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@NamanKumar Kindly, post at-least 2 unique topic per/day, Please do not increase the limit. Here we are helping each other, not the frequent updates with ordinary posts. I hope you found it helpful for your account.


Having minimum 400 words in each post. Having minimum 0 readers/followers. Having at least 100 daily page views.

I applied it when i am in this stage and my ad-sense got approved in 2 days! You can also try this if you are in this stage.


Thank you @Shivansh . How did you get 100 daily views on your website?


Now, I am getting much more than 100 pageviews. On that time, I am getting pageviews from social media and some from google.


Hi @NamanKumar, You can apply for it anytime whenever you feel that your blog qualifies for having an AdSense.

Read some articles online to know what are the minimum requirements for having your AdSense approved. Since your blog contains so many copied contents, I suggest you to first remove it and then apply.

Thanks. I hope this helps.


yes, I agree with @Rohan I ever signed up adsense then post about Angry Birds, then my adsense rejected. I remove it and then send the request again and approve


My blog is having everything legal.


That’s great Naman but I never said you have anything iilegal on your blog. My point is most of the information I came across looked manipulated in some or the other way.


This is how I would precisely answer this question

Minimum Requirements to get accepted by Adsense

  • Having minimum ________ 400 words in each post. (Not mandatory)
  • Having minimum ________ 400 readers/followers. (Not mandatory)
  • Having atleast ________ 700 daily page views. (mandatory)

But you forget the most important question!

  • Must Have a great user interface! Nothing impresses Google employees more than a well setup website structure with good navigation system and professional layout. Focus on design as much as you can and try to remove all those fancy widgets and scripts that give an ugly touch to the site UI.

If you have the three of these mandatory requirements then consider yourself qualified

  1. A Minimum of 700 pageviews, not counting unique visitors here
  2. A Professional looking blog design with fast load time
  3. Quality content. You must not share illegal content and must follow the basic SEO guidlines

For newly setup blogs, I always recommend them to wait for at least 6 months and during that time focus on quality content and customize your blog as much as possible. Once you are ready with all the three mentioned requirements then you are ready to Go not just with AdSsense but also with Banner Ad networks like Buysellads!

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Page Views and Number of Posts does’nt have a strong effect on Adsense Approval. If you have a normal number of posts like 50 or 60 you can apply for an Adsense Account. But the most important thing consider for Adsense approval is that “Was your Content deserve’s an Adsense account?”. Because Adsense will only approve blogs or websites with 100% Geniune and Good quality content. Copied content will be rejected from the Adsense Team.

So First Deserve an Adsense, then Apply for it!


I think 50 or 60 posts aren’t really needed. I have seen people getting AdSense approved with lesser amount of posts but with high quality content.

~ Rohan.


Yes Bro I Agree with that. But I have mentioned the moderate Number of Posts to increase the chances getting approved!. The Blogs with lesser number have a Good quality and lengthy content, well written to get approved with fewer posts!


Agreed. It makes some sense. Thanks for reply. :slight_smile: