Asking for infolinks ads: Either they are good to have on blog or not



Would anyone please tell me either i should add infolinks ads. on my blog or not? If yes then why and if no then also the reason of it :slight_smile:
I know AdSense Ads are much better option than infolinks but at this time i know adSense is not that much easy to avail. That is why i am thinking for infolinks.
My blog link is here: www-rankandrating-com (hyphens will be replaced by dot) Thanks in Advance.


Infolinks Is Good For Monetization But Usually Ruin User Experience Due To Popups and link ads.

So first try to get adsense approval and if not getting it then there are many infolinks alternatives which you will get from google :smiley:

MY Recommendation Is To Use Infolinks Only If You Want Money And Not Better User Experience !

Also I’ve heard that infolinks also cheat publishers sometimes ! :smiley:


Bro I will directly say a BIG NO to INFOLINKS… As Nitish stated that It used to ruin User experience … It is real with INFOLINKS… Which results in Increase Bounce Rate… and even decrease your Google ranking… According to me, first try for Google Adsense program and If they don’t approve your request then Don’t worry Chitika is there for you…Even Chitika pays on the basis on CPM not CPC… so for new blogs… and newbie…also for professional… I recommend Chitika after Google… I even published an article on Chitika relating Why you should join Chitika… Just take a look at :

Hope this will help you brother… !!


Infolinks are not recommended and any such advertisements that change the content in any way as per Google Search Quality Ratings Guide, sites using Infolinks are marked as Low Quality Pages