Are these sitemaps submitted right?


Hi Again Guys, :smile: I have submitted these sitemaps and would like confirmation from Web Masters like @Mohammad that which Sitemap to delete and which sitemap to keep there. Thank you very much. The only thing that confuses me is that my old blog has the old sitemaps which is /atom.xml?redirect=false&start etc etc one and that one is working fine now i have a new blog and on this one i have submitted the following sitemaps. Which ones to keep and which ones to delete. Now that I have added sitemap.xml will it do any harm to my SEO or posts which are ranked?


I think the first and the third sitemap on your stiemap list are having same URLs listed, so you need not add both of them.


@alex_khan, Current Sitemap version is 3rd one which you submitted,

There is no difference if you keep the above 3 Sitemaps as there is no duplication on submitting in different ways. Hence I Suggest Don’t delete any one and let them as it is.