Are the Traffic stats given by Blogger true?


I am using a customized template for my personal blog, the stats that I have is less than maybe 100 per day. I’m fine with it because, it is just a hobby but when I used the default template the stats seems increases and I wonder why? So, enlighten me here…hehe…Thanks.


Basicly not! It just shows u the amount of views whether spam or low retention.hence if we use g analytics it will show u accurate stats


Ok then, they should remove it instead of giving inaccurate stats. Anyway, I’ll look for google analytics. Thanks!


Wait a second here MR. The statistics from Google Blogger are not in-accurate by any means. All you need to do is to cut-off your own page visits to get balanced and more sanitized data. Just go to your Blogger stats page and stop recording your own visits on the database by clicking on “Don’t track my own pageviews”. Thanks