Are "Link to this post" or TrackBacks Bad for SEO?


I’ve read many article about this feature on the internet. And almost every blogger “maybe” dislike this thing and removing it on their blogger template.

Is it really really bad for SEO, if not why everyone removing this feature ?

Even MBT didn’t use this :confused:, I need your best answer dear @Mohammed :smile:


It is called backtracks in tradition blogging and backlinks in modern terms

It was once widely practiced to link to related content and send a notification or trackback to the web owner that you have linked his post, as a result it would encourage two-way traffic flow but ever since search engines became more mature, people stopped this practise

I am personally not a big fan of it because this method is badly misused to get free backlinks and not everyone who links to your post can be guaranteed to be delivering quality content as a result it simply harms blog SEO

Even if trackbacks have nofollow attribute, they can still distract your site visitors and motivate them to leave your site by visiting one of the trackbacks that display below your post. This descrease your pageviews and imcrease bounce rate


So it’s bad ?

Thanks for your answer @Mohammed :smile:


To be more precise yes it is because it distracts your traffic and there are chances you will loose precious readers or fan followers, who would find the trackbacks more interesting then your content. Also if the trackbacks are dofollow, it can leak out your PR too and lower your SERP ranking. So better avoid it because no one is using it now as you might have observed on several corporate blogs too