Are lies allowed in marketing?


Marketing is one of the most important process in any online or offline business’s growth. Recently While searching deep on the internet in my holidays I found that many national bloggers (Indians) and A very high profiled and famous blogger (International U.S) used fake proofs and methods which are encouraging people to buy their services.So as per a marketing strategist’s perspective ,is this type of fake (false) strategies allowed? Will it impact my asset in future?

Thankyou! Nafees Khan


@Nafees, I would advise you not to lie in marketing. There are a lot of other useful and honest ways in marketing. You can use them rather than lying. I believe, Honest ways can work more fine than dishonesty.
Mohammad has posted a detailed post that describes “is it Halal or Haram to Make money Blogging?” You should read that… That post would provide you more accurate answer. Keep Blogging and Marketing! :smile:


Never make a lie a part of your life, no matter what religion, caste, color or creed you belong to. A Lie does surely help you better market your product or service but this lie destroys the very credibility of your character when it is exposed. All your hard earned efforts will go in vain when the truth is discovered and falsehood is by its nature bound to perish.

I have a clear knowledge of most of bloggers and internet marketers who hide behind curtains of a Lie but you should always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Nida recently wrote an article too:

:link: Why Pro bloggers lie about their income reports?

I surely agree to what @saadwasil said and thank you @Nafees for asking such a mature question. :thumbsup:


That is such a naive question. If you market you definitely exaggerate a bit about your products or services. And it can be consisdered as a lie. This is subjective tho.

If someone claims that they never lied online while selling or earning something, they are the biggest liars themselves.

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So there is no thing like “Clean Marketing”?


It depends upon how you look at it. This is subjective. :slight_smile: