Are Backlinks And Keywords Important For SEO?


Hey! I am Muhammad Shahzad an Ethical Hacker who’s been featured on different TV channels. I stepped into Blogging almost a year ago but don’t have much knowledge about SEO, and don’t know how to rank posts. I have some questions, which needs to be answered.

1.How can we create backlinks on a post to rank it? Are backlinks important?

2.Do we need to use keyword in our post? In my opinion its better not to use exact keyword in our post.

3.If I buy a new domain, just adding well-optimized content would be enough? or creating links would be necessary?

Thanks, I am waiting for answers.


Backlinks can be gained by writing quality content. And if someone really finds your post educating and very helpful they might link to your post.

Other ways like blog commenting, social media and site profiles can also provide some backlinks.

Not necessarily. Keywords are used for better search engine rankings. But some good bloggers for example Yaro Starak suggests to not use any keywords and let your posts be just natural. If it is really helpful and well written it will find its way to the first page of Google.

Focusing on quality content should be our main concern. The rest comes just naturally. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


Thats a short quality answer you gave @Rohan . Just one from me , If one need to rank for High competitive niche, then Backlinks and Keywords are Must. If niche is new or less competitive, then Keep it Natural. :slight_smile:


I second you. :slight_smile: Thanks for adding your thoughts.