Approval for BuySellAds Query!


Hello @Mohammad,

I’m new member to this community and this is my first post. I thought to write you personal mail but then I decided to join your amazing active members community. I hope I made the write decision, I hope my query will definitely be resolved today :slight_smile: #feelingPositive

Mohammad, I had applied for buysellads by simply filling there publisher form long ago like almost 6 months ago but unfortunately they didn’t replied like they neither approved nor rejected.

Then I reapplied twice and they didn’t replied again. I mean what is this happening ? Can you please check my blog []

I also email them on which is written on their official website. But again no reply. are they really doing real business ? I mean atleast they can reply emails.

You can check my blog, it satisfies all the requirement they want even when I was applying for it, I read your post first then I had applied for it. I was positive but don’t know what just happened.

Mohammad you can check, blog design is cool, no ad flood, 10k+ / page-views daily, 4k+ email subscribers.

am I lacking in anything. Can you please check and guide me. I have many expectation form you mohammed because you never disappoint your reader.

Please help me :smile:

Thanks, Piyush


Hi @piyush036 Thank you for the detailed query. I just happend to read it.

Buddy you need to have at least 100K pageviews per month to qualify for BSA. I know this sounds harsh but they have really made their approval criteria strict due to too many spam blogs. We discussed this in detail several times in this forum. I am quoting them below:


Hello again,

But @Mohammad, I’m already satisfying BSA terms and conditions. Yes I do get 100K PV/Month.

So, what the other reasons could be.


Piyush add a more personal touch to your blog. Add your author picture on your sidebar. Work on your site design. Make it a little more professional. Fill your footer, all three columns, not just one. Work on these areas, I guess the professional look is the major reason.