Any Guesses For the New Surprise?


I think its gonna be a big suprise in which you will help the other bloggers to take them to next level meaning that converting them from blogger to pro blogger well its just a guess but i am very happy that you acheived what you wanted and goodluck for future


Thank you dear @ngtechzone :smile:

Yes in fact that is my sole purpose in life and it will be surely carried on. Clever guess buddy


Always Welcome To The One Who Inspires Me :heartpulse:


I think that it will going to be a city tour or opening of STC Network centers across the main cities of Pakistan.


Mohammad, I think its a software for Bloggers by which we can make video conference and talk with you face to face.

This came in my mind when you written:


hi Mohammad, I need to know where you studied Seo because in about us page you mentioned
"certified seo consulatant". Awaiting foryour reply, Thank you.


Hi Mohammad,

I guess you are starting your own office / consultancy :smile:

Just a guess buddy.


Oh @janardanraju, you succeeded in guessing the right thing at right time! Mohammad revealed the surprise on MBT!


You are damn right! Do read all about it here

:link: Head Office of a Pro Blogger

Thank you all for participating in this crazy game of guesses :smile:


Wow ! This is great. It’s a nice game but I missed the game :frowning:

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