Any Guesses For the New Surprise?


Buddies spreading the message of online entrepreneurship through schools, colleges and universities has been the biggest responsibility undertaken by us since 5 years. I started my online career as a student and then continued it along with my studies. Working from home was a phenomena rarely popular in sub continent but today almost every student knows how to make a living online.

People take interest in executing ideas only when they have inspiration around. For this reason we always applied all practical strategies on our running business and after having achieved the desired goals, we shared it with people online or offline.

These small baby sites made a small blogger like me an entrepreneur today but this journey would not sound impressive if we take it to the next level with a solid proof to let everyone know what blogging can do for you and how it can change your life.

Within next few days, probably this Monday, we will disclose how trust in your online skills and humbleness towards God can make your dreams come true. A dream I lived since 5 years has come true now mashAllah and I will try my best to motivate everyone to achieve even better than it.

Before I may disclose this biggest change in my life and online career, I would like to gather suggestions from active members of the forums to guess what could be the new surprise? What do we mean by the Next Level?

Hint: A blogger’s Journey to becoming an actual Entrepreneur :star2:


Hi @Mohammad, You have been doing a great job! You must pat your back. :smiley: Agreed. Inspiration is the driving force to success. I eagerly await to know what the announcement is going to be. Congratulations for seeing your dream coming true. I am sure you would have been so dedicated to achieve it. I am absolutely clueless about what it is going to be. But reading the hint I guess you are planning for an another startup?

Whatever it is going to be, I can assure and feel it is going to be great! :smiley:


Hi, @Mohammad we are just waiting to know what it is going to be??

I think you may start a new network like STC (it just my guess) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed @Rohan rohan Inspiration is the driving force to success and without it, we can barely prove anything. This new surprise is the prove of everything we have done so far to let people believe what we preached so far

@Rajkumar Just a few more days buddy and then it will be all public. It is surely not a new startup but execution of the same network on practical grounds :smile:


Hi Mohammed , I think you are going to enter into a job in MNC according to the line “biggest change in my life and online career” or otherwise shifting company “abroad” .Final thought content network like “Post joint,Myblogguest”. Just shared only what i thought according to the given lines.


@Mohammad, I think that’s a blogger school? :grin: Hmhm. I am unable to guess now but I know, the surprise will surely a great thing for bloggers. :smile:


do you think a man who is strictly against slave mentality [jobs] would ever join a firm which works on fixed wages? That would oppose all that I have preached so far on entrepreneurship :smile:

Think, you are near


Very close well done but refine your thoughts, it can be a meetup place


Ok,ok . Any answer for the new surprise now? . I am waiting.


Cant guess what would be the next surprise, but i am sure, this will indeed a great surprise for us. i guess it would be either a blogging platform or Blogger Development Tool. Thanks.


I am waiting for surprise leme guess you are making a staff and working as an actual enterpreneur


either you are going to take interview of famous bloggers or you are giving chance to new bloggger to take part in any activity


I think, You are going to open a Practical Workshop Center or University. Where we all can learn and achieve our desire goals. (This is my guess because I am sure, You are going to help lot of people with this biggest upcoming change). BTW, Thanks For Doing a Such a Great Job.


Your life story sounds very interesting Mohammed. I read a little about it in one of your intro posts somewhere while I was joining. Hard to gues what could be the new surprise but I will take a punt going by the hint you provide: A Television Documentary. I also guess that what may be meant by Next Level is going from gaining coverage and recognition on social media to mass media. All just a guess! :slight_smile:


We already shared several plugins, tools and online projects but this one is offline buddy :wink:


How can taking interviews of famous bloggers be a surprise, people do that on daily basis dear TAriq :slight_smile:


You simply read my mind! Way closer!! The coming surprise is phase 1 of what you described inshAllah :smiley:


Thank you for taking interest in researching more about us. We already organised several TV shows on mass media and have conducted seminars across the country but what is coming will fill the gap for those who could not meet me or track me or ask for personal help face to face. I guess I have given enough hints :smiley:


Thanks @Mohammad. All we need to be motivated and guided by a Leader. And You are the Leader of our zone! Thanks Again!


Leaders are people like you who motivates small men like me

Thank you deae @GKVish :innocent: