Anti AdBlock in my Blogger Website with HTML. :D


Hi, it’s me again. I would add that when a user enters my site, Adblock is automatically disabled, it is possible? If so, how? So at least I can be able to earn a few coins senze that people necessarily have to disable the advertising, I need to earn if I want to move on.

My Blogger Website:


I used one of the Scripts for one of my client’s website.I don’t remember what I used but I am trying to find out that script :sweat_smile:. But you can always add a shout out that “This site is powered by ads.For Supporting us please disable your ad blocker.” Or you can use this I guess this might work because Ad blocker Minimizes the height of the ad to make it invisible (I think so).

  1. first fetch your ads’s id (every widget has a unique id)

  2. Add this script before </body>

So Replace #Yourwidgetid with your widget id actually :grin: and with your url.

you can make a page which says disable adblock to view this content and replace that page’s url with

Thanx! Please tell me if it helped or not :wink:


Okay, that’s okay, thanks for the help…


Did it work Brother :worried: || @Stefano_Steven98_Top