"Another blog or Google Site is already using this address" Problem


Hello Everyone

Recently my site with custom domain was deleted but when i again setup that domain name on another Blog, it shows error that “Another blog or Google Site is already using this address”. Please help me to solve it.



I think, Blogger does not allow that sub domain for new blogs.


@HSinghHira Dear,

As i didn’t catch your words what do you mean exactly by deleting custom domain name or blog. And what do you want to know. but here i would like to show my experience here.

There are two possibilities, that you are facing the issue.

1: Once Custom Domain with Blog hosted on blogger, deleted by google, then after that i think you cannot use it on another blog. You must setup this time your domain on WordPress because it is already deleted by Blogger Officials and they will not add it again.

2: If you only lost only your domain name due to unpaid to the domain company. then you probably use another domain or search same domain if it is available in some other extensions.

Thanks i hope you got my answer the best one!


@Templatezy Thx Dude…

My Blog with Custom Domain Name was deleted by Blogger Team and yes, now i can’t add it on another Blog. But maybe there is a system of un-mapping the the Domain from Google Domain List. If you know anything then please tell us…

Thanks again :disappointed:


If such action has been taken by blogger, then your domain is in black list of both blogger, AdSense and Webmaster tools because the services are pretty synchronized in reporting. The best you can do now is to purchase a new domain and start from a new blog. The old domain is unfortunately is of no use now


Only deleted person can use the same sub-domain . If any another users try to register the deleted domain , It is not possible .