All In One Responsive Admin/Author Box Widget for Blogger


Hello to all of you guys. I’ve just designed a widget for blogger. Actually this is all in one widget because it’s inbuilt following features.

1-Author/Admin Bio, 2-Subscription Box, 3-Social Media Following Buttons, 4-Fully Responsive, 5-No need to say, Professional look.:yum:

Click here for Go to the Widget.

I’ve used FontAwesome and Lobster to make it more cool looking. Now i want to listen your thoughts and views about the widget.

All are invited. Thank you. @Shivansh @Nafees @darkdevil49 @Mohammad @itsoodie @chrissy03bw @azisfirdaus @ramgopal @Nitishk


Look, bro, you’re trying your best, but you need to work more.

You are creating almost every widget with dark theme and old design which doesn’t look good. For me I’ll never add this widget in my blog firstly due to its design, secondly due to its font. The design you’re using was used in old days as nowadays material design and flat design is getting boost.

And I don’t want you to get depressed by my comments but just suggesting you as I don’t think 90% of your visitors will add it in their blogs. So what you can do is change the theme of box from dark to light, remove the orange background in headings, change buttons style.

Further, if you need any help,feel free to ask.

Hope you understand :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion @Nitishk. According to me, There are a lot of blogger users who want this type of widget, dats y i designed it and published it. I like my work because m doing hard work to making these. I never get depressed from the suggestions because, suggestion gives you idea for your future. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.