Alexa or Moz Ranking - Which one is still trending?


I see that nowadays people look more to Moz ranking to see whether their website is SEO optimize or not.

I wonder what happen to Alexa ranking? Is it still alive?

And how about Moz? Is it ok to learn tips and tricks of SEO from them? Is Moz is the new authority of giving information about SEO?

How to Decrease My Blog's Alexa Rank So Fast?

I don’t know, about moz because I have not used it ever.

But the answer of your second question:

Alexa ranking is still alive. but I don’t refer to alexa because alexa is making everyone fool.


Well Moz ranking and Alexa rankings’ are 2 different things,

Moz tell us about your domain authority and Alexa tells us about your current website rankings worldwide.


Keep posting good quality content, don’t think too much about this two :smile: @Mohammad said:

Focus only on your backlinks and orgnaic traffic.

But about learning SEO from MOZ, yes you must learn from them. There’s so many article there talking about SEO etc.


Moz team is trying hard to market their premium SEO tools and this is one reason you often see their Ads on Adwords. I am not sure how accurate data they provide and how far it could be trusted but as far as ALexa is concerned I already shared my concerns on this post:

For understanding Moz’ ranking metrics I would really appreciate you read the following great tutorials written by @qasimzaib


Thanks all of you for the great responses. Now I understand more about Moz.