Akismet API Support For Blogger Comments Moderation


Blogger has one of the worst Spam comment filtering system. Blogger hardly recognizes latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by spammers. A comment with cheesy phrases, scam and phishing related content is hardly filtered or auto thrown in trash.

Though Blogger claims that you can enable word verification for your comments which will deter automated comment spamming systems but that is a complete lie!

  • The reCAPTCHA security check never pops out when a user is signed in with a GMAIL ID!

That word verification system hardly works out in this case and spammers largely use multiple gmail IDs to spam a blog. As a result it takes hours to moderate comments when you have a large reader base.

I would really appreciate if Google could allow integration of Akismet API in blogger blogs which could really decrease the spam ratio and would save us a lot of time. Akismet is helping millions of wordpress sites to fight spam and keep the blog safe from poor quality content.

If Blogger Development team is reading this thread then it is my utmost request that widget installation support for Akismet API should be considered to help blogspot users with this advanced anti-spam free service.

Spam is surely annoying and hurts our blog’s credibility. Filtering it manually is confusing and time-consuming. Time spent dealing with spam is time stolen from our creativity and business.

How far do you guys support this wishlist request and do you think Akismet can be installed in blogger as a widget just like we install other third-part widgets? Can’t we make use of its Developer API?


That is a very valid point actually. Akismet probably provides the best spam filter out there, and it would be so great to have on Blogger! The reCAPTCHA check doesn’t pop up for logged in users, and also doesn’t have a very good success rate against robots. Sure, you can install something like Disqus to filter out spam, but that’s like compromising on your site’s branding and performance. We’d love to have Akismet integration with Blogger!


Thanks Qasim for acknowledging. Yeh Disqus is great too but I wish to stick to Blogger’s default commenting system. Don’t want too much of external Plugins on my blog.

That reCAPTCHA display is surely an issue. I often encountered a similar problem in chrome and Firefox, it hardly displays the submit button. sometimes it becomes a headache to post a comment. It looks like a design bug which Blogger team must look into


So glad you asked this question Samurai. Akismet is surely an intelligent wordpress plugin to fight comment spam on a blog. It monitors each trackback, pingback and comment a blog receives and tests them to make sure that they are not spam. If in case it catches a spam comment, it will auto add it to moderation list. It surely saves both time and energy! The problem is that it is built on PHP as the basic programming language whereas Blogger supports Python. I am very sure Google will never work in cooperation with Akismet team to develop a system that could be easily installed in Blogger because they are very reserved in terms of sharing sever side algorithms with their rivals because Akismet is made by the company which founded Wordpress.

But Blogger team can surely get an idea through akismet’s basic functions and also from similar anti-spam services like Antispam Bee and Defensio. Google can surely invest time to develop this most demanded feature on Blogger.


Don’t know much about the PHP and python thing but as you said I am sure they can develop a system of their own. After all what are those innumerable Google developers for? :wink: