Adsense rejected after fourth time too :(


site name

adsese approval team said not enough content!

integrated site with analytics, webmasters tools domain name is server Possible reasons for rejection?

Evaluate my friends site and guide towards adsense approval…suggestions welcomed

thank You


Why you have posted all the thing in one basket.

First add some quality content. Just look out this post -

You should start like this,

Hello friends, If you notice, we have moved to domain, So it’s look more attractive, I just bought this domain name from Godaddy, it’s very good company and helps to start business in very low investment, So Here I will share, How I linked my blogspot account to godaddy, may be it will helps to other. So let’s start it.

So this type of lines when any reviewer check, it impressed, he know there are many of tutorials like this, but he wrote very nicely, so we should give them adsense account.

And what is this -

You should remove these type of content. I know many of people posting same thing with Adsense, but to get adsense acc you should avoid this type of post.

Hope it make sense :slight_smile: