Adsense question & Can anybody review my websites design?


home - link - i am using a custom template but heavily modified it to my desire. & almost 70% of my visitors daily are from U.S but still i only earn $0.10 - 0.15 per click? i read on many websites that US Clicks earns you about $1 per click, yeaterday 65 people clicked on ads and almost 50 clicks are from US visitors but i only earned $7.10. why?

my website is 2 and a half months old, does this effect your adsense CPC?


@ankit I hope something wrong with your Adsense A/c because . You told that you got 65 Clicks from US yesterday . But when i chhecked your Alexa Rank . Your website is ranked 18,851,064 , How you got this much this much click with low traffic . If you have high traffic , Then Alexa Rank will be very low . You have to secure your Adsense A/c . Something wrong with your traffic .



i am not lying


@ankit how much traffic you getting to your blog ?


it depend like whenever i publish new posts and how much my post is shared so i get traffic according to it, sometimes it likes 25,000 views a day and sometime as low as 500, may be the alexa problem is because i changed my blogs domain name or its just 2 months old! and please give me some suggestions on my blog design. and can you help me in this question How to create a style futured post gadget for blogger? thank you,