Adsense problem with domain www and without www


The problem i am having in my adsense is that its showing the earning twice, one for the address without www and one with.

what to do then? They will ban me for doing this while i dont know thats happening since i just saw that the site without www is also serving the ads so i had to claim that and now dont know how to remove it.


First of all clear your answer …

Is that your site serving Adsense Ads with www. and without www. ? If it is both your site ? Why you want to afraid Blogger . They will not going to ban you unless you cheated them .


  1. Log in to your Adsense A/c .
  2. Click on the Gear Symbol and Click on the “Settings” .
  3. Click on the “Access and authorization” .
  4. Tick on the “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account” .
  5. Enter your site address which you serving ads with www.

I hope this will help you to get out from this problem . Hopefully


thats working but then the ysay that widout www is also showing the ads


Can you show me a Screen Shot from Adsense with that message ?