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Hi there, i m a blogger from Pakistan, i use Google adsense to. Monetize my website. I received last payment in August via western union, google issued me an MTCN but i didn’t went to the agent to get the payment. Today 16/12/15 when i went to the agent for collection of my payments, the agent told. Me that there is no transaction with this MTCN. Western union might have returned the payment to google adsense. Please experts tell me what can i do now to get my payment. Whom should i contact? Google or western union? And what is the procedure?


Did you receive the unpaid payment in new billing cycle i.e. Did you get the unpaid payment in Oct or Nov ?

Google changes the status of your payment from issued to paid when western union delivers the payment to you.

Go to you AdSense > Payment History

Check if you see this in August billing cycle

Automatic payment: Western Union. 51xxxxxxx29. Status: Paid

If in case you have not received the payment then you can reissue the payment by clicking the link under “Issued”. Let me know what you see.

For drawing AdSense employees attention you can surely raise this your concern at AdSense Help Forum.


Thanks Mohammad bro for replying, i did not get any payment after August. My status is stull issued not paid. I knw when we receive the payment, they change our status to paid from issued. In my case, my status is still issued.


i see this in my payment history Automatic payment: Western Union. 51xxxxxxx29. Status: Issued when i click this line,a new window appears which just shows the MTCN and sender,receiver details. there is no “re-issue” button


That is a good news then. Google will automatically add that pending amount inside your new payment cycle. This could take a quarter period around 3 months. Did you receive Nov and OCT payments?


Actually after that my payment didn’t redached the minimum threshold. Next month i will get my payment.


Then be assured that you will receive every penny so there is nothing to worry. The system is automated and works on credit/debit balance that is auto calculated to make sure balance of payment is served well. :innocent:


Ok, bro thank you soo. Much You r the life saver.


You are most welcomed buddy anytime !

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