Adsense in-feed and in-article native ads


Has anyone tried Adsense in-feed and in-article native ads? Please let me know the performance in comparison to the normal responsive ads. I am using in-feed native ads on the home page of my blog but not getting satisfactory results. Please share your views if anyone has tried it.


yes i want to know this things… what is the best adsense place for this native ads,… i am using this ads on my homepage header… and other places…


I have published a detailed tutorial on how to add AdSense in-feed ads to blogger. Please read all the details there.

Will publish an article for adding in-article ads to blogger blogs shortly. :slight_smile:

They won’t make you much of the revenue but at least your unsold ad inventories will be covered using it such as your label pages, archive pages and homepage blog feed. On average if you receive one thousand visits per day from south Asian countries, you can expect $20/month revenue from In-feed ads alone


Hi I have tried native article, infeed, text & image responsive ads and link adunits. I found link adunits best performer among all. CTR of link adunit is around 4% and page CTR ranges between 10% to 12%. To increase CPC in adsense, decrease number of adunits per page. I have increased revenue almost 6 times in last 4 months by this technique. Hope it will help you to understand the concept.