Adsense in Blogger Mobile


I use the default Blogger templates and have enabled custom Mobile template, the 300px;height:250px shows perfectly in smaller devices, but the larger unit 336px;height:280px falls outside the viewport. I have added the adsense unit in the mobile post below the post-header-line-1’>

Is there any script to make the larger unit show properly in smaller devices.



why you don’t try adsense code responsive size? Responsive advertising will customize the look of your blog in mobile


you can use responsive ad units,here is the guide to create responsive ad units


I was wondering if Blogger had that option, I have a site on wordpress and use the premium version of mh magazine themes, which automatically resizes the larger ad units on a smaller mobile screen.

Many thanks to both of you for replying to my query, I will take your advise and enable the responsive units.


Buddy use the asynchronous code for your ad units as @Atif guided. AdSense is still testing it and working on its auto adjustment to different screen sizes.

Further make your blog’s stylesheet responsive and avoid using the custom mobile view provided by blogger to get full control over your Ad display and positions. You can surely ask me for any help related to that.


Thanks, I have put the responsive units.