Adsense(Hosted) PIN (a letter) received but not verifying account


Assalam o Aleikum Dear brothers

Actually my 3-year-old adsense account(hosted) was disabled a month later :frowning: so i decided to use my another account which is also hosted account but it was not verified yet since i was not using it before. so after getting disabled my old adsense account i start using my new adsense(hosted) account about two weeks later and when my earning reached $10 it automatically generate a PIN and send it to my mailing address in order to verify my address/account. TODAY i received a letter as shown in screen shot below:

or see screen shot here

anyhow when i opened the letter the inside view was a bit strange for me because it was totally in some (i guess) chines or frances language which i was obviously not possible to read/translate and i remember when i got the old PIN verification letter 3 years back that was not like it… anyhow the screen shot of inside view is given below:

or see the screen shot here

i was happy on getting this letter as i was going to verify my account, but when i entered the given code into my adsense account PIN verification area, it annoyed me badly! why??? see yourself here:

or see the screen shot here

i was surprise why it is not accepting my PIN code. Now there are two attempts left and off-course i dont want to get another attempt as… then eventually i tried to read through the letter again n again, i also follow the link mentioned inside the letter ( but that redirects me here:

or see the screen shot here

Now my expert brothers and seniors please help me to get out of this trouble. Early reply/solution shall be highly appreciated!


@qasimzaib @Mohammad sir plz koi to reply karain