Adsense approval Requirments | Help needed


one of my friends have a entertainment blog named boomspk

he is been posting for more than 6 months and have a huge amount of content on his blog.

He is been applying for adsense for a while now. Kindly check the blog and tell me if there may be a problem in the blog or a design flaw which is causing adsense to disapprove his application.


If your site is 6 months old then go ahead. There will be no problem with it. Further, do not worry if your website gets rejected by the Google Adsense.You can re-apply for the permission.

Google Adsense reject the approval with reason. Resolve that reasons and re-apply again. Your website will get approved.

Note: Please remove the other ads that are appearing on your website. Of course, once you get the approval, you can use the other ad network. But till approval please remove the ads from other ad networks.


If that site didn’t get approval then try changing your account id from which you’re applying. Apply for this site using another adsense account and you will get the approval within no time. I am telling this from my own experience.


if you want to approve adsense on your blog you can follow google term like you have Clean simple design with premium domain and template upto 50 articles , and remember to create pages on your blog like privay policy , about , contact , disclaimer So i thnk you will get it fast


I am with the same problem. My website age 1.5 years and 39 posts. All post is unique and 1000 word plus. I applied for Adsense but they denied.


Read the adult content policy. I think your blog have adults content.