Adding Related Post With Summary


I have Seen many websites having related post having Summary and readmore Option below each and Every Post. We have Only Thumbnail like related post… Is it Possible to add Related Post like we get on Post Hentry. If Possible give me Some Codes and I want Infinite Scrolling Option Too…


AnyBody There Please, reply @Rohan @Namankumar @Shivansh @Mohammad


@ishworgiri, this type of related post widget is already published by Helplogger. Try this link:

:link: Related Post with Thumbnail and Summary for Blogger!

Hope it will work perfectly for you, says comments on that post. :smile:


i want like that we have Design as Post Henry


What is post Henry ? I think you mean post hentry or Post body?


Ya i Mean Post Hentry OOps… Sry For That… I Need Related Post design like post hentry


But of which post hentry? I mean different template have different styles of post hentries so of which template post hentry like related post style you want?


AS usual People Have and I have post hentry in Neplay Lyrics

I want the related post animated like of MBT Image Amination