Add AdSense right After <!--More--> Tag not working for Me


Hi Team,

Today’s I’m trying to place adsense add right after break function, I just followed all the steps: from Add AdSense right After Tag But still there is some issue and not displaying any add units.

In Help topic, there is ajax must add if not already

So in this case i have an advanced version alread

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Is this the same to the following code.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Please Help. See the posts in


Your question is not at all clear. Kindly explain everything in detail. What do you mean by this?

Explain all this so that we could help.

Know that Adsense Booster plugin only works on your posts where you have added the <!--more--> comment tag and not for posts where this tag is absent


Hi samurai
& Thanks for the response,

I’m already using more tag (If I don’t use this break, I can not show 20+ posts in my home page.) I can see my every post includes <!--more-->

for ajax

I have following Js code in my template so is not placed again in the template (as I know both are same with different versions)


you can use the noconflict script to have different version of jquery.min.js running…


Hi Chelyz_Marx, Thanks for helping .

I Don’t think this is a good Idea to add both versions,

@Mohammad Please help me on this.

I followed all the steps as given by in the post but not working.

I also checked with Only Image inserted Instead of Google ad Code, but still there is no luck.

Also Guys Please, welcoming to help me: @namankumar @shivansh @rohan @samurai and other experts in MBT


According to me @Sandhya, this is only because you have already added 3 AdSense widget boxes to your website. One is just adjacent to your website title image And two are at the top of your posts. Out the two one is i think 720*90 Layout and other one is very thin and is appearing like breadcrumbs, which is below your post titles.

As there are already 3 AdSense widgets no more AdSense ads will appear on your website even if you add the widget, you want, properly. As this is Google’s policy.

If you want the adds to appear after jump break. Follow the steps on mbt and delete one of the 3 existing AdSense ads boxes.

Hope this will help you.

Happy blogging!


Hi @NamanKumar,

As I already known the maximum adsense widgets limit is 3,

Hence, when i’m testing I removed one widget and checked. Even I checked placing Other Image (no adsence ad, tried with some other ads) with link to show at that place, but still missing.


Try again by removing all the existing adsense add boxes and then reinstalling the widget provided by mbt. Btw have you replaced the adsense code with your while adding the script provided by mbt to your website.


Hello @Sandhya The <!--More--> Tag Sometime Doesn’t Work So There Is Just A Simple Technique First Go To Ad sense Home Create A Unit And Then Paste The Code In HTML Section Of Post And Also Pate It Somewhere So You Don’t Need To Go To Ad sense Every Time To Get The Code. Very Easy :smile:


In this Case we need to place the code every post wen we create, the above code actually for automatic ad unit for all posts which are used Break tag.


I Tell You This Case When Adsense After <!- -More–> Is Not Working!.Then You Can Use This Trick!!


@Mohammad, Can you please help.

I already changed the ad uints to implement this and struck to display proper ads