Add a login system in blogger?


Bro how can I add a login system in blogger as in templatism… and how can I create Does I have to pay for it separatly… can any boddy help me… I want to buy a custom domain that I can add login system… which domain provider is best and cheap…

  1. you need to access python, indirectly not possible.

  2. create a subdomain,its free.Search this forum or google

  3. bigrock is cheap most probably :wink:


I mean If I take a domain from go daddy than Can I add login systen in blogerr by just buying a domain name


No,it’s just registering a name for. Your product


is there any method of login system in blogger. if have then tell us. following this post…


Login system required server side access but in blogger it is not possible you have to purchase a hosing to do your job.

You can Add Login system in blogger using Front-End Javascript i.e

 var login = vikas
 var pass = passwrd
 if (login == viaks && pass == passwrd ) { 
//Go to this Page
 } else {
// Do Nothing

But this method have demerit because anyone can view all your USERNAME and PAGE by viewing your page source


okk thanks, any other method. templateism is working example before us…


No, there is no other option but can encrypt your code show that no one can view your source code


how we can encrypt that ???

tell me that in detail…


Go to this website to take a look how javascript Encoder/Obfuscator works


Its very easy to deobfuscate it. Its of no use. Try google may be there is a third party alternative out there.


templateism using www subdomain on it’s main blogger and using naked(without www) domain for registration page.

You can achieve same things, but first, you need to learn your self back end programming.


You can use javascript for back end too this is easy and not a pain in the neck like php and python (:scream:)


@tahirhabib684 I just created a forum in a Shared Hosting and connected it with my Blogger blog. You can do it by making some changes in your DNS Managment of Domain. If you want to know more about that, Just send me a PM Message.