Accordion Shortcode Open by Default


I followed the procedure outlined for in the “jQuery Accordion Shortcode for Blogger.”

I am having one problem with the implementation.

For some reason the Accordion is open by default. The symbol indicates that it is closed but the “hidden” text is showing.

I cannot figure out how to fix this issue.


@Joey_Nielson May You Please Give Your Blog Url And A Pic Of Error So That i Can Check Where The Problem In Hapenning :smile:




Are You Talking About Blog Archive Widget? Because i see that you have added blog archive widget instead of according widget :smile:


Sorry, no. It is the text under where it says “Transcript”. The arrow near the word transcript indicates a closed accordion but the text is not hidden.

I was not able to load a picture due to being a new user. Sorry.


You Don’t Need To Say Sorry Now I Have Got Your Problem And Trying To Fix It :smile:


Bro I Think That The Problem Is Happening Due To Having only one item. First Try To Remove Open=“false” attribute and if not work then Try To add Each Frame As An Item In According Widget.

Hope This Works For You :smile:


When the page first loads, all three items are open (unhidden), If I click on one of them the other two will close and then the accordion works properly.

Something with the initial loading is not working right.


Now What You Can Do Is Contact @Mohammad BTW I have invited him in this topic. Hope He Will Fix Your Problem Soon :smile:


Now try to remove <br> tags in the items and let me know if this works for you :smile:


No luck with that either. What is the process for contacting @Mohammad? Should I just check back for when he sees this topic.


No Need To Contact @Mohammad As I Have Already Invited Him Now Wait For Other Experts For The Reply. :smile: