Accommodating reader's impaired vision


reader of blogger content only, not a blogger myself. I was wanting to know if you can point me to a solution:

I have impaired vision due to diabetic retinopathy. Acuity is compromised. Using Ctrl+scrollwheel to dynamically control text size also enlarges sidebar content (ad, links, etc), retaining the page-area percentages that I assume are hard-coded. Consequently, the blog main content and commentary might have larger text but is words-per-line is decreased.

If I try using dynamic view by appending /view/ to the URL, I can read main body content, but the comments do not populate(the link to comments is inactive)

Forgive my intrusion with what is essentially a selfish request. I would appreciate any help anyone may offer.



Hi @Steve_Virostko, my respect for you have increased a lot and I am really proud of you that you take so much interest in reading and expanding your knowledge through blogs.

It is true that when you expand a browser page all content on Header, Sidebar and Content gets expanded and surely it distracts the vision.

I would recommend that try using Chrome because it is quite better in providing more visibility to users.

Pressing (Ctrl +) will Zoom in the text and pressing (Ctrl -) will zoom out.

For making sure the ads and image ads dont come in your way, try installing Adblock on Chrome, which is a extension that will prevent ads from loading on your screen.

Let me know if you need more helpful tips. I am sure the community here (@rohan, @Shivansh, @NamanKumar, and @Nick, @ngtechzone and all can further contribute here) :innocent:


Hi Steven, Firstly, I would like to let you know that you are being amazing by asking for a solution. I would say, try what @Mohammad sir said. Further, I have a question for you - Do you use screen readers?

Let us know if using CTRL + perfectly serves your need or not. If you face any difficulty in replying to us, you can create a new topic as you did to create this one.

I have a friend Maxwell who I think can help with this because I have seen him reading web pages and he goes through somewhat same condition as yours. Let me contact him and ask for possible solutions.

Enjoy your weekend Steve. :slight_smile:


Hats Off to you Steve I dont even beleive that such inspirational person like you will come in this forum. And if you need any help just contact me and my brothers. :smile: We are always here to help you and others. May god bless you :angel:


@ngtechzone, Any suggestions or solutions to Steve’s request?


@Rohan I’m thinking but not getting as the main thing we can do is provide almost every keyboard shortcut to him. Any Other Suggestions You Having? :smile:


Thank you guys for putting forward your views and for motivating @Steve_Virostko even further. I guess Rohan’s friend could help much better in this case. Would love to hear from him.

@Steve_Virostko How come you type so well? Can you share some tips with us?


Hello @Steve_Virostko it’s nice to see you here on the forum. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Thaks for asking the query and giving us chance to solve your problem or give you some advice.

Thanks @Mohammad for mentioning.

Now starting with the solution. According to my web surfing experience the best tool to read and save web pages for future is Google pocket. I strongly recommend you to use that tool. The Google pocket is a free service by Google for saving webpages for ozone view and they are also stored on the cloud.

The tool have many features which will really help you. Like if you are browsing through internet and then you found something to read, you can share that webpage to your Google pocket and then view the page in the Google pocket. It will be very easy to read there. The tool have different features like. High contrast view and day and night modes. Also it have a very good and actually one of my favorite feature of only text mode. In only text mode, only the written content will appear on the screen and that too in a very proper manner with corresponding images in the webpage. That week surely help you in reading. And the best feature of this tool is the TTS feature that is text to speech output feature. This feature will help you the most. Using this feature you doing have to read you can just simply listen to the speech output and the quality of speech or you can say sound is very good and pretty understandable not like the output from read loud feature of adobe reader.

Sorry I’m unable to explain you the complete use of the tool and all it’s features with proper links to the service. And also my post is not well formated. Actually I’m online from my android phone that’s why I’m unable to do all that…

@Mohammad must be knowing about this tool. So i request you Mohammad sir to please explain more about the tool to @Steve_Virostko as I’m unable to do. I wish you know my problem. :smile: But I’ll be back on the forum in few days when my PC will come back from repair. God give you a healthy and happy life @Steve_Virostko. Also that’s to @Rohan and @ngtechzone for sharing their views and recommendations. Happy blogging!


I acknowledge your mentions @Mohammad, @ngtechzone and @NamanKumar. Here is what my friend Maxwell (Blind Blogger and Author) replied to me -

hi rohan; my experience is more with word press than blogger but i have used it. i don’t find it as intuitive. do you know whether he is a mac or windows user? also is he using or able to use large print magnification. or does he need speech. there is a free speech application for windows called NVDA my friend chelsea stark is an avid user of blogger so if i can’t help him i’l get him with some people who can. he’ll be in good hands. and as you say sometimes it helps to have someone to let you know that there is a way possible. glad i could inspire you and many others. today i heard from the students group at the university of kent in england and i have been assured that they have everything figured out for me to address their group via Skype in september. hoping it will be a first talk of many. thanks so much for asking. take care, Max

@Steve_Virostko You will have to share more details so that we could help you.


Thank you to everyone who has, so far, responded. I apologize for not replying sooner. My vision impairment is not so severe that I need a text-to-speech utility. Enlarging the text is sufficient (although the text most comfortable is >=24pt! :slight_smile: ) Primarily I seek a solution within the Windows 8 and winapp space. I used Windows 8 Ease of Access Center and chose “Make Things on the Screen Larger”.
That is a global solution, and is what I am working with right now. My hope was that I wouldn’t have to apply a global solution (Win8 makes these options part of your auto-startup settings), but that I would be able to selectively enlarge the print within the body or comments panel of the blog, and keep the ad-space panels at their default font-size. I discovered that I can append /view/magazine to the blog’s URL, but for some reason that disables the comments link that commonly follows the blog main content; I can’t read comments when in Magazine view. I will try the suggested solutions and report back to the Topic. Thank you all again for your responses.


Hi @Steve_Virostko

You are most welcomed here anytime and I feel so happy to have helped you and I thank everyone for providing you with some simple solutions. Since none of us had ever faced such vision problems so of course we could provide little help in this case, your knowledge is more comprehensive than us because you are experiencing it. I have personally learnt a lot from what you shared and I didn’t knew you have to zoom to 24pt font size in order to read properly! Respect for you.

Designers often add a JavaScript tool that enlarges text on post body and I have installed it too on some of of my clients templates, but they too enlarge only post-body text and do not offer a much flexible option as you seeked for.

Thank you @Steve_Virostko for sharing your valuable info and for making this forum even more useful. :innocent: