About Number of Posts on front page error?


Salam All, My Blogsite is Indianjobsmentor and i want list Mode of view on all pages or in other words i want to remove Grid view permanetly, i tried alot but it automatically comes to Grid view. And secondly i want to show 9 posts on front page but by default it is showing 6 even i changed it from template code. Please help, i shall be grateful. Thanks


To Show 9 posts on homepage go to

  • Blogger Settings

  • Post and Comments

  • change show at most __ posts value with 9

i think it would be 6 you would have to change it with 9.


Use jump break option inside post editor.


To change grid view to list view please follow the following steps.

First of all backup your template.

Then Got your template edit section and search for this code and remove it.

//View Mode by MKR window.viewMode=function(){var l=function(a){functiond({k.addClass("grid").removeClass("list");f.addClass("active");g.removeClass("active")changeimage();createCookie(b,null,1E4);eraseCookie(c);return!1}functione({k.removeClass("grid").addClass("list");f.removeClass("active");g.addClass("active")changeimage();createCookie(c,null,1E4);eraseCookie(b);return!1}a=a||{};var h=a.viewmodedefault||"grid",c=a.cookielist||"list",b=a.cookiegrid||"grid",k=$(".blog-posts.hfeed").find(".post-outer"),f=$("#view .grid"),g=$("#view .list");readCookie(c)&&"grid"!=h?(e(),eraseCookie(c)):readCookie(b)&&"grid"!=h?(d(),eraseCookie(b)):readCookie(c)?(e(),eraseCookie(c)):readCookie(b)?(d(),eraseCookie(b)):"grid"!=h?(e(),eraseCookie(c)):(d(),eraseCookie(b));f.click(d);g.click(e)};return function(a){l(a)}}();

Let’s see if it works.


I think it works for readmore or summary generating not for numbered page navigation.