About My hosting Want to Host Sub domain In another Host


I have a Main Domain in Blogger.I want to Setup my Sub domains in another Hosting How can i do it Please help me with this.What C name Records Should i Give For this Help me Fully please.I add my sub domain in add on Domain in the another Host.I created all But the problem is Cname Record.Please Help me.



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Please write clear cut question, so that we can understand what help you want from our side ?

Since, WE DOES NOT understand what is the problem, so we are not able to help. WRITE DESCRIPTIVE QUESTION WITH DETAILS.

I think You have setup your main domain with blogger blog and you want to setup sub-domain of same domain with other hosting company. Please Write names of hosting company and purpose that what do you want to setup a website or blog or static page ? with blogger or wordpress or any company ?

Tell me, This is correct or not.


Robin Singh


You are Correct I have my Main Domain In blogger and i Want to host the Sub domain in Wordpress.I Have a Host Account in 247zilla.com With Cpanel 11.I tried My self Something.And Now Partially Set.But it Leads the page to Cpanel Sorry Page.Here i have attached the Image.I Already Waited for more than 2 Days.


I Set the Following records. I can’t change the name Servers Because it Should Affect my main domain.So i changed the A records and CNAME Which are Same in my Cpanel 11 after Add on Domain.I Update the the Same Which in the Advanced Zone editor. But i Added Directly the firmwares.androidinfotech.com as a add on Domain. i did not add the main domain as a add on domain and create the Sub domain from that. Please help me with this.



I understand your problem. You may first contact to support staff at 247zilla.com. and create a ticket at https://www.247zilla.com/user/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=8 .

Alternatively, You may follow below article.


Since, i am not using wordpress. So that i am not able to help you but any other member of this forum will may help you.


Robin Singh


I did it.the problem is i am not Waiting.It Takes upto 12 hours to change dns.Now Everything ok.thank You For your Kind Help SyncBoost.