A space show between post list on homepage


I am using a template from a long time I customized it a lot… but know when i open my blog there is a spae begin to show between the posts on home hame and search results… can Any body help me please?? … If any body know whats the problem is please guide me to resolve to this problem please

Website Url: http://tipricks.blogspot.com/



Website URL is not showing to us. So please, Update Website URL.’

Either You can do it yourself, Open Developers Tools by Pressing F12 in Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Check Padding and Margin in Box Model Section for Each Elements existed in Post Area.


Robin Singh



  1. Find this <div class='inline-ad'> in your template. Inside this div section there is following text class="adsbygoogle" style="display: block; height: 60px;" just change 60px to 0px.

  2. Now find this id="google_ads_frame3" code in your template, then specify height =0 for iframe element.


Robin Singh