A Long Blank White Space Appears on My Blog Homepage


In my blog i have set to show 6 no. of post on homepage. Everything works fine but whenever i publish a long article then on the blog home page it shown only the same long article i published until i publish another article.

This is the screenshot of my blog. Red rectangled part is the long post i published. And after that there was not showing any other post until i publish the another article.

Is this some kind of template customization error.

Need help.

My Blog URL : www.gulmiresunga.com


There’s nothing wrong with your template here :confused:


@Mad Then why it’s not showing other post when i publish some long article


Hi @shahsantosh, I just visited your blog and everything appears to be fine and normal.

Still if you face the same problem again as you have shown in the screen shot here is one suggestion for you:

Try writing your post in the Blogger editor itself or on simple editors then copy and paste them in your Blogger editor. For Example: If you write on Microsoft Word Document and then copy from there and paste it in your editor this problem might crop up again.

To avoid this, After you put the content in your Blogger editor select the entire post by pressing CTRL+A and click on “Remove Formatting” button as shown in the below image.

[See the area highlighted by a black box].

I hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


@Rohan This is not the issue with microsoft word. This still happens while using blogger editor also. When creating a long post then on homepage it show only that long post and other post shift to second page.


There is nothing much Tricky, Just Use Jump Break after 5 to 10 Lines on every post then Check. For Long articles it is necessary to apply option for better home page.


@shahsantosh, Go to Your Every Post and Put a Page Break after Photo. It must Help. If You don’t Understand What I am Saying than You can Search in Google for " Auto Pagination " without the quote.

Thank You.


@chinnilax I had already used the Jump Break on my blog.


@GKVish The reason behind getting customization error in not the image. There is no such large size image in that post. it’s only 7.24kb and I have used only the Microsoft word table on that post and it’s very long. may be this is the reason i got the above told customization problem.


Yes its is, I do have experience on pasting son excel related tables


@shahsantosh,This is normally caused when you add a photo into your post by drag and drop, instead of using the “Insert image” wizard in post editor or adding photo from the web by drag and drop Both “drag and drop” and “From the web” appear to cause use of Base64 encoding. there are photos that’s encoded as Base64. The image content is served from the post code, not on a hosting service like Picasa. This makes the post extremely large, and triggers auto pagination to cause display page segmentation. That’s why I suggested to you to do the above steps.

Thank You.


@GKVish Thanks for you suggestion. I will surely work on it as you told. Thanks again for your advice :slight_smile: