A Doubt about subdomains of blogspot vs custom one's!


Hey there! I observe everytime that when ever i see blogger subdomains like xyz.blogspot.com the xyz part does not get fade while getting displayed in the browser omnibar but for example on this forum I see that ‘ask’ which is a subdomain is faded how is this possible that blogspot subdomains are not faded but our own custom domains subdomains are? Is there someone who has the answer out there?

Note I didnt find any reliable category so I decided to go with hosting :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Nafees, Can you show it with pictures? Because I am unable to see any difference (as you said faded or non faded). In my browser (Google Chrome), the character after .com/ are faded and their is no fade effect on the sub domain.

Shivansh Verma Skv



Thanks for providing images. So you are seeing this in Firefox. I am not a Firefox user so I am not familier with its features. Hope other will help you. :smiley: