A bug in the Software of Discourse forum!


Hello guys from past three to four days I am facing this problem, And this is not only on this forum,There is one more forum which uses discourse (wouldn’t like to mention the name here). The time or lets say the time which the reply/activity is posted is always less then <1m. I have attached some screens over here and please if people reading this are facing this problem comment/reply it down.

@Mohammad @codinghorror @Sam_Saffron Please solve or clear this bug or issue I am facing.

Screens :-


Everything appears fine at my end. I checked it twice.


@Nafees, I have checked it and it seems fine. But, I have too seen that 2nd bug in my browser when I was using Chrome with Windows 8 Mode Enabled but as soon as I disabled it, everything started working just fine!

It will be more good if you post your topic on official discourse forum (http://meta.discourse.org).



Yes Shivansh Actually I don’t have an account over there and I wont like to make one. Also There is a feedback cat thats why I posted here.

Now see @Rohan and @Shivansh your both replies are coming <1m even my post is coming <1m


I don’t know why you are getting this issue. I don’t have like that. Its a screenshot from my browser:-

And, if you don’t want to create an account there, you can just email them (grab it from their about page of forum) or you can tweet then using twitter. :smile:


I think i have mentioned their name may be they’ll read this topic :smiley:


@Nafees, I guess the issue reflects only at your end. And reading Shivansh’s replies, I feel he is not facing any issues at the moment.

Let Mustafa read this topic. Till then you can continue to be here, maybe, as it doesn’t really affects any major functionalities.


Yes for sure, It literally Doesn’t affecty any function but after all this is a bug I am facing. May be someone has a solution for this.

Thanks for all the replies. Hope I see this thread solved at the end.


This usually means your local machine’s computer clock is set incorrectly. Please check your computer’s clock time.


Hey Its set correctly! Shall I see CMOS Date/time configuration once?


OK, then check browser plugins / extensions. Try in safe mode with no browser extensions, or use a different browser than the one you usually use (Chrome vs Firefox, or Firefox vs Chrome).


Its the same I checked it in the safemod as soon as I checked the CMOS, Everything is same actually.I am really confused why this is happening with me only :neutral_face: