90% Organic Traffic but CTR 0.20% Only? How to Improve?



Tips2secure.com is my 1.2 year old tech blog. Daily pageviews around 5,000-6,000. 90% traffic is from search engines.

I use only single ad below title of my posts. But the problem is low CTR. I hardly get 0.15-0.20% CTR.

Please let check this blog before suggesting anything.



Look there is no idea that how much CTR you get on your blog , someday you can get high CTR and someday you can get low CTR , it all depends on your audience as if they like some ads they’ll surely click them but if they don’t like them they’ll just neglect them.

And one more thing that you are using only one ad therefore try to add 4-5 ads on single page and then CTR will definitely increase.There are other tutorials available which talks about increasing CTR rate , you can search them on google. :smile: