2 Step Authentication For Blogger?


Is there any way I can enable two-step authentication on my Blogger account? With CMS like WordPress or Drupal, you can enable this security feature on login. It would be nice if Blogger supports it too, because it makes your blogs much more secure. So is there any way to do it in Blogger?


Don’t we already have that option through Gmail ID? Because Blogger uses our Gmail ID to allow login access. I guess this option is already dear, one through email and second through mobile phone. Lets see what mohammad has to say on this


@qasimzaib i enabled it in gmail account, and when i go to blogger dashboard, it ask for code, before login into my blogger account. So is that you mean?


I think this is what @qasimzaib wanted to know about :blush:


@qasimzaib I hope when we activating 2 Step Security in Gmail A/c . It will automatically effect the Blogger A/c also . In my case it is happening .