2 Adjust Width links in Template designer using 1st css_bundle


Hi! I’m very happy to find this forum! :slight_smile:

There is now a second Adjust Width link in Template Designer for all templates that use the first CSS bundle (https://www.blogger.com/static/v1/widgets/3645911276-widget_css_bundle.css). If I change to the second CSS bundle (https://www.blogger.com/static/v1/widgets/3375562265-css_bundle_v2.css) by adding b:version=‘2’ class=‘v2’ to the HTML tag the problem goes away in Template Designer but all my margins, widths, and paddings are off. The Advanced link now does almost nothing except turn to bold when clicked on and the second Adjust Width link does what the Advanced link used to do.

A lot of template designers prefer the first css version but this will be confusing the the recipients of the templates. If I find how to fix it I’ll post here and I hope others will too!

Thank you!


Firstly You Should Add Your Blog Link …
Then Someone Will Solve Your Problem
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Paaris. I tried to put a link in but got a message I can’t because I’m new here.

It happens on all Blogger templates that use the 1st CSS widget bundle. If you’d like to look at a free template that uses that first version that I didn’t make and have nothing to do with you can from ThemeXpose, please google “Voux - ThemeXpose minimal responsive blogger template”. I downloaded and uploaded that one and others I didn’t make to be sure they were all doing this. I don’t think I should put info here to one I made because mine aren’t free and it might look like I’m trying to sell them here.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I think I can post a link now! Here some screenshots. :slight_smile:


You Can Leave Your Blog Link As
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Thanks Paaris!

Mine is http://positivelydigital.blogspot.com . I have disabled right click on all my templates except this one for now - http://posidigicleaninklines.blogspot.com .

I know the problem isn’t in my code though, it has to do with the external CSS stylesheets written by Blogger, just hoping to find a workaround.


Hey Paaris, I looked at your blog (nice!) and it’s using the first CSS bundle too so if you go to Template Designer you should be able to see this strange 2nd Adjust Width link too.


Hi, I have a similar issue. Trying to adjust side bar widths and literally have no idea how. I need them to be 300px and have everything else match.

latoyah .co .uk


Looks like you have it worked out. Well done! :slight_smile: